30 Oct 2018


at09:00 SOST – Spanish Office for Science and Technology (CSIC) - Meeting Room II (Sala II) - Rue du Trône 62, 7th floor (1050) Brussels, Belgium

The agenda of the meeting includes different presentations about the plans for the different Work Packages. This is the Kick-Off Meeting of the project.

The General Assembly is one of the governance bodies set for the project execution and meets twice every year. The General Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium, and counts at least with one representative of each partner, and is chaired by the coordinator.

Important decisions are voted in the General Assembly, which shall be free to act on its own initiative to formulate proposals and take decisions in accordance with the procedures set out in the Consortium Agreement. In addition, all proposals made by the Executive Board shall also be considered and decided upon by the General Assembly.