The aim of DESTINY is applying non-conventional energy sources to energy intensive industrial processes. The use of systems based on electricity like the MW considered in the project is a true alternative to fossil energy sources (natural gas consumption) enabling the integration of renewable electricity and providing significant advantages in terms of resource/energy efficiency and operational flexibility.


An extensive list of innovations regarding various system aspects will be put in place in order to demonstrate an operational prototype of the new process in industrial scale related to:

  • Reactor, feeding system and plant integration
  • Microwave technology
  • Concept of application
  • Monitoring and control
  • Industrial use

Related to the reactor:
  • A new smart kiln cell system concept for ultrafast industrial firing production.
  • Cool kiln with no-thermal inertia and with flexibility of production with no loss in process performance or energetic efficiency (from 10 to 100% of their capacity).
  • New compacted modules consisting of closed system of feeding, thermal transformation and storage.
  • Smart reactor systems adapted to different raw materials treatment (fluidised/rotary design).
  • Easily integrable on current industrial sites by using advanced manufacturing process.
  • A multilevel adaptive heating control system for reactors fully integrated.
  • A system useful for both upstream and downstream industrial processes.
Related to microwave technology:
  • A new concept of electromagnetic field distribution suitable to heat low and very low susceptible dielectric materials.
  • A new concept of microwave applicator able to heat on continuous flow poorly absorbent dielectric materials that increase their properties with temperature.
  • Enabling the use of a high electrical field power application on dielectric materials avoiding runaway and gas ionizing.
Related to the microwave concept application:
  • A new heat supply (by microwave) and reduction process of ceramic materials.
  • Modular and containerised application for fast track industrial implementation.
  • New ceramics for microwave processing under extreme thermal-mechanical-dielectric conditions, keeping the best performance on both technical and economic aspects.
Related to the industrial use:
  • Adapted to demand (switch and go, production on-demand), flexible production (from 10 to 100%), modular (reliable and replicable array of microwave kiln cells).
  • Production on site of demand.
  • A new production process for eco-products more efficient and sustainable than current processes.
  • Recycling of residues and by-products.
  • Products (not existing nowadays) with new properties based on the heating production process.
  • Micro-plant for the development of new or tailored special products.
Related to monitoring and control:
  • Soft-sensors for material temperature and emission targeted to control within the system.
  • Multilevel control system for the system.
  • Control at whole system level specialised to match the high flexibility of the new technology with the demands of renewable electricity grids.

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