DESTINY participated in the QUALICER 2020 Congress


DESTINY participated in the QUALICER: World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality, one of the biggest event of the field, which took place in Castellón (Spain) on 10th February 2020 and brought together the Castellón Chamber of Commerce, industries and industrial engineers to discussed the latest development in the ceramic tile sector, focusing no only on the quality of the process and the product, but also the quality of every element involved in the complex network of the ceramic business world.

In this framework, KERABEN presented the project during the poster session and displayed its latest progresses and achievements.  Luis Guaita, coordinator of DESTINY, highlighted the solutions in terms of stability, process efficiency and characteristics of raw materials, intermediate/sub/final products investigated to improve the performance of the industrial processes in the ceramic sector.

A perfect opportunity to boost the dissemination of the project in front of stakeholder and potential end users!